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Army Sergeant Darron Mikeworth

Army Sergeant Darron Mikeworth


Army Sergeant Darron Mikeworth is active duty living in North Carolina and is stationed at Fort Bragg with his wife Dea and two young boys.  In April of 2005, as a Humvee gunner on the way to Balad Air Base in Iraq, he saw a suicide bomber approach his convoy. The attack nearly killed Sgt. Mikeworth and left him terribly disfigured. It broke every bone in his face. He lost his nose, left eye, and almost lost his right arm. 

He is in the process of a series of operations with Christopher A. Crisera, M.D. that include constructing a lower eyelid in which a prosthetic eye can be placed, reconstructing his nose and reforming his lips. He is slowly regaining his face and his life.

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